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Can Gamification Foster Learning in the Workplace?

As part of my learning experience in my Games and Learning graduate course at CU Denver I will critique several pieces of literature tied to the theme of game-based learning. These critiques will summarize various features such as research design, learning theory, methods, findings, and implications for the study and application of games and learning. Below is my first critique… Read more →

I Hate Games: An Introduction & History of Play

I hate games. Seriously. I’ve always hated games. My fun meter immediately drops with even the slightest mention of games. I don’t know why I hate games. Maybe I’m ADD? Maybe I’m to apathetic about competition and winning? Sometimes, games just seem like a lot of extra work and a walk (or something) sounds more enjoyable.   Someone: Want to… Read more →

Highlands Sport and Spine interactive virtual office tour

After tinkering with a variety of tools and instructional methods in my Producing Media for Learning course, I created a virtual tour using ThingLink for my final. I really liked the simplicity/usability of the platform and how it puts the learner in control of the experience. I worked with my partner, Dr. Jonathan Weimer, owner of Highlands Sport and Spine… Read more →

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