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Highlands Sport and Spine interactive virtual office tour

After tinkering with a variety of tools and instructional methods in my Producing Media for Learning course, I created a virtual tour using ThingLink for my final. I really liked the simplicity/usability of the platform and how it puts the learner in control of the experience. I worked with my partner, Dr. Jonathan Weimer, owner of Highlands Sport and Spine… Read more →

Corrective Exercises for Core Stability 101

It’s official. I’ve turned in my final project for the Creative Designs for Instructional Materials course I’m taking for my ILT Master’s program at The University of Colorado Denver! Whoohoo! It’s a good feeling. Up until this point, I’ve created an infographic and a PechaKucha presentation for this course– two things I have never done! Both of these assignments were… Read more →

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