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PhotoBlog: Final Reflection and Presentation

Over the last three months, I’ve become an active member in the affinity space, PhotoBlog, for my Games and Learning graduate course at CU Denver. The purpose of this assignment was to: observe the ways in which knowledge is produced, shared, and contested in interest-driven participatory cultures. Read about my initial PhotoBlog observations here. contribute to a learning community invested… Read more →

PhotoBlog: A Nurturing Affinity Space

Over the last two(ish) months, I’ve been observing, contributing, and reflecting on my experience using Photoblog, my Games and Learning affinity space. You can read about my initial observations here and community exploration here. To date, I’ve posted seven Photoblogs and have learned about a variety of photo techniques, apps, and photographers to follow. Additionally, I’ve contributed to a variety… Read more →

PhotoBlog: Exploring Community

Approximately one month ago, I joined the community, Photoblog, to learn, explore, and share photography related topics. I have enjoyed engaging with the affinity space so far and constantly learning . You can read about my initial observations here. This post will focus primarily on contribution(s) within the community portion of the site and how I’m interacting with others. Specifically,… Read more →

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