Over the past eight years, I’ve had the opportunity to expand my professional experience in various management and creative roles across industries. The diversity of my work illustrates my ability to quickly adapt and stay agile as well as my commitment to lifelong learning. I continuously cultivate creative expression and love it when I can blend my artistic flair with my professional work. One of the greatest strengths about being a designer with a marketing and project management background is my ability to think holistically and fully understand project scope, lead cross-team collaboration, and implement effective time-management throughout a project’s creative lifecycle.

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I will have my master’s in Information and Learning Technology (ILT) from the University of Colorado Denver in May, 2017. The fully online program offered a flexible and interactive learning experience with independent hands-on projects as well as collaborative teamwork. In parallel with working full-time at IBM and part-time as a techTA, I managed innovative and successful projects while immersing myself in discovery of what it takes for productive growth; both individually and organizationally.

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With a BA in film and video production and a passion for the arts, I picked up the camera as a hobby while living in New York City 2007-2011. Exploring through the lens taught me how to see with clarity and cultivated an eye for good design.

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