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Webinar Recap: How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Last week, I hosted my first webinar: How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out. Big thanks to my professor, classmates, and boyfriend for joining me on this adventure! I hope everyone learned something new and enjoyed the experience. Since this was something new for me and we still have one more webinar to go before the semester ends, I… Read more →

Confusion to Confidence: A Reflection on Learning with Digital Storytelling

As part of my coursework in Professor Remi Holden’s INTE 5340 Learning with Digital Stories Summer 2015 course at the University of Colorado Denver, I’ve included below, a written reflection on my experience as a learner with (digital) storytelling given my participation throughout the semester. This reflection is complementary of my final portfolio and builds on my seven prior weekly… Read more →

The Ways of Our Kind: A #CUDenver15 Collaborative Story

Earlier this week, one of my Digital Storytelling classmates, La Dawna Minnis tweeted out asking if anyone was interested in writing a collaborative story. Hey #ds106, anyone interested in writing a collaborative story with me over the next couple days? — La Dawna Minnis (@llminnis) July 21, 2015 Taking the initiative, she started working in Google Docs and once… Read more →

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