INTE 5320 Games and Learning

In this course I examined the use of games for learning, surveying contemporary learning theory, media, trends, and challenges related to game design, and playing games in informal, community-based, online, and school settings. Not only have I explored the culture and communities that play games but I critiqued, identified, analyzed, and engaged in a variety of game-related topics as they related to learning theory.

My work completed demonstrates ILT Competencies 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 by:

  • Defining and distinguishing characteristics of game-based learning designs and experiences.    
  • Identifying connections among games and affinity spaces.
  • Reading literature associated with various games and find learning themes and trends.    
  • Discussing challenges and opportunities of games in professional settings.    
  • Assessing implications of games and play for my personal and professional learning.

Download and view my Games and Learning portfolio here. Also, I encourage you to check out my Games and Learning blog posts and visit my Photoblog affinity space!


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