Games & Learning: #games4ed Chat

As part of my graduate coursework at CU Denver, I participated in a twitter chat related to games and learning. In this post, I’ve shared some thoughts around my experience networking and learning from this games-based learning community.

The theme:

Play in School! Global Play Day: February 1st, 2017.

I am no stranger to twitter chats. But, I’m usually the one running them. I’ve been developing and facilitating tweet chats for a few years now. I run twitter chats focused on B2B/eCommerce and a bit more structured than what I experienced with the #games4ed chat. But, that’s okay… it was fun to dive in on the participating side!

A few things I noticed…

  • This is a tight-knit community. The participants seemed to know each other very well and frequent the #games4ed chat. I may have been the only non-educator but, the crowed made me feel welcome and part of the community within moments of the chat starting.
  • The pace of the chat was fast. It was a little difficult keeping up– especially not having the questions prior to the chat. I always post a blog with a chat overview, questions and resources one week before our chats. Having some context would have been helpful. Melissa Pilakowski, our moderator, did post the questions 30 minutes before the chat but they were on a social tile and difficult to read.
  • #games4ed seems to be a chat for educators however, I think anyone interested in games and learning can “play” along.
  • There were no guests or panelists on this chat. We always have 2-3 featured guests on our chats. We spotlight industry thought leaders, which helps guide conversation and foster group discussion. #games4ed chat didn’t seem to need this though… Everyone had great insight and kept the conversation going!
  • Play is IMPORTANT for kids and equally important for adults. I love that the #games4ed crowd embraces and participates in play with their students.
  • I need more play in my life 🙂


Check out my #games4ed Twitter Moment (for optimal viewing head over to Twitter):

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