Highlands Sport and Spine interactive virtual office tour

After tinkering with a variety of tools and instructional methods in my Producing Media for Learning course, I created a virtual tour using ThingLink for my final. I really liked the simplicity/usability of the platform and how it puts the learner in control of the experience. I worked with my partner, Dr. Jonathan Weimer, owner of Highlands Sport and Spine in Denver, CO, on the assignment to help build more awareness around his practice.

We used our GoPro camera and editing software, Quik, to shoot 3 rooms and 3 exercise videos. The remainder of the content was pulled from his instagram and blog that we posted earlier this semester. It was fun experimenting with the time-lapse setting on the GoPro and Quik made editing on an iPhone easy (hence the name ). I am hoping to keep using ThingLink and learn more about creating virtual reality web experiences. We’re looking into purchasing a 360° camera to create more dynamic web and social content for the practice.

Try it out! Take the tour below then head over to his site to see it on his homepage.

Front Room:

Functional Exercise Area:

Chiropractic Office:

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