The Hunt for 8 Buffalo: An Interactive Video Project

Over the past few weeks, I created an interactive video for one of my graduate courses, Producing Media for Learning, at the University of Colorado Denver. Here’s the finished product:


The assignment was…

create a 3-5 minute video about the sentence, “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

With that in mind and the freedom to create, I decided to focus less on the content and more around experimentation with the following tools:

Below are a few notes about my process and lesson’s learned.

Step 1: Production

With a skeleton of a script and no storyboard, I shot in various locations near Denver with the GoPro HERO4. The finished sequence consists of wide, medium, and narrow focal lengths. I think like the wide angle the best but found that it’s really easy to get your figure in the frame.

Step 2: Post Production

After a days worth of footage, I imported the media into the GoPro App on on my computer. Then into a a trial version of Camtasia (you can edit your footage directly in the app, too). Unfortunately, I ran into some rendering issues in Camtasia and ended up with a work-a-round in iMovie.

I exported the edited mp4 file from Camtasia onto my desktop and then imported into iMovie to finish. I thought I might have to re-edit the original footage but was actually able get away with minimal editing. Whew!

For music, I purchased two royalty free tracks from, which I feel is pretty consistent for good finds. To finish, I dropped in a few title slides/transitions and exported (shared) the new mp4 file on my desktop.  Then, I uploaded the video to YouTube and headed over to

Side note: If you aren’t familiar with H5P, you should be! It’s a free online too that allow you to create, share and reuse HTML5 content and applications. I first learned about it from my techTA team at the university and wanted to test out interactivity and video. It’s pretty cool and there is so much you can create with it!

I created eight interactions and a summary quiz. The interactions consisted of multiple choice and True or False quizzes and text boxes.

Lessons learned:

Overall, this was a fun and challenging project. I do feel like I got lucky with easy editing. Had I included human interaction or voice over, I may have had to spend extra house re-editing. Next time I’ll do a bit more up front research on new tools before I start using them. Also, I learned that you can change the video file/URL in H5P without losing the interactions from the old video!

Excited to use the GoPro more and try the GoPro editing app on future projects. It’s a pretty fun little camera! 

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